Seasonal produce straight from the garden

Every season brings new delights from Windlestraws developing gardens;  beets from the ground, apples from the tree, elderberries from the bush. We continue to use as much produce as we can grow or forage ourselves, and while its early days in our project to reinstate the full Edwardian kitchen gardens , we are making real progress. The renovated greenhouse is looking great and already contributing to the menu and the new raised beds cant wait for the next growing season! 

Please use the link to check rates/availability and then send an enquiry. This is not a guaranteed booking until we confirm.

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Your contributions

Every guest’s stay at Windlestraw contributes directly to our charitable projects. A percentage will go towards Children of the Mountain, a non-profit organisation we set up in 2009 to support the poorest children in rural Nepal, providing them with opportunities through education and personal development.